Stress is a natural part of life.  Positive stress pushes us to new challenges or causes us to persevere and learn a new skill.  Children feel this kind of stress as they work to put on their own socks, or finally write their own name correctly.

Negative stress is also part of our lives.   Circumstances we can’t control, such as loss of a job or a broken relationship may feel overwhelming.  As parents, we strive to protect our children from as many of these “adult stresses” as possible.

Young  children  have “stressors” that may be quite neutral to adults, but have a negative impact on them just because of their age and inexperience.   In fact, what is extremely pleasant to you may be very stressful for your little one! This section will offer you ideas about what may cause negative stress in your children and  how you can strengthen their resilience for  difficult times.  You can’t protect them from everything, but your constant support can help prepare them for the world ahead.