Karen Weakley Ed. M.

Karen Weakley Ed. M.

Brain science tells us that every single experience a child has from the time he is born; every touch, every sound, every interaction with a human being profoundly impacts the way the child learns.  In the first 5  years of life, the child’s brain grows faster than any time in his/her development.  It is critical that we maximize this period of learning to help your child achiever his/her greatest potential.

As an early childhood educator, staff trainer, and  college instructor in early childhood education for over 35 years, I am here to bring you key ideas for raising well-adjusted, high-achieving children.  I have created ChildsPlayParenting.com to support you in your journey as a successful parent.   My site will be filled with ideas for problem solving daily challenges as well as broaden your understanding of your child’s development.

Question or Comment?

If you have a comment or a question, I’d love to hear from you.    I may not have THE answer, but I can offer you a small insight or new perspective. I look forward to our time together.  Karen


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