Just Burnt Cookies

A funny side note: Actual cookies were burned while creating this post.  I am pleased to say the smoke detectors work well!

img_0237In the world of Pinterest perfection, every cookie, every costume, every toilet paper holder must be a work of art.  Really good mothers consult Pinterest before embarking on any creative venture.  OH PLEASE!!! Cookies are just cookies!

Build Relationships, Not Perfection

Your little Christmas elf wearing a red paper hat and bow tie in the holiday play is every bit as precious as the one decked out from head-to-toe in a felted wool suit with coordinating fabric buttons.

When we spend our time decorating our children and our homes instead of spending TIME with those we love, we have sacrificed part of our lives and theirs for a picture posted for strangers. Do you really want to tie your self-esteem to whether or not you can make a cake in the shape of Elsa’s castle?

Remembering What is Important

Your children will remember the moments you laughed together and the ridiculous exclamations you made as you burned the “buns” of the gingerbread men. They will not care about the fact that you stayed up until 2 am adding the cinnamon noses and licorice antlers to your reindeer cookies for the preschool bake sale.  They are just hoping to eat the rejects.

In the holiday season to come, keep your life in perspective.  It’s not a national catastrophe. It is not a measure of your love for your children.

It’s just burnt cookies!


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