Full Time Parenting Is Hard

You have given up your high-powered career to stay home with your little people. You value your time with them, but there is no time left for you.  The days and nights get so……long.

  1. The TV is not your enemy.  A well timed, 30 minute video, when everyone is cranky can do wonders for your mental health.
  2. Allow a grandparent or dear friend to care for your children one sunny afternoon. This can be a marvelous break for all of you.
  3. Keep perspective.  Pinterest is not reality. Don’t hold yourself up to an artificial standard.
  4. Allow yourself to be “good enough”. The perfect holiday meal/Xmas dress/handmade costume/decorated cake are not reflections of good parenting.
  5. Squeeze out a bit of time each week for a hobby you love. (Even if it’s at 5:00 in the morning.) img_5689
  6. Even kids who don’t nap need “resting minutes” during mid-day.  Children can rest with “eyes open” or “eyes closed”, but young bodies need that refreshment. So do you.
  7. Take time to look at pictures of your children when they were younger.  Smile and remember the joyful moments you shared together.  Remind yourself there will be more…



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