Brain Building for Your Baby

Research tells us that the first 3 years of life are the most significant in the growth of your child’s brain.  The brain is built through positive, loving interactions with you and filling your child’s world with words.  In fact, children who enter kindergarten having been read to, talked to, and played with, have actually heard 30 million more words than children who do not have these kinds of experiences.*

Some tips for brain building:

  • Read to your child several times a day.  Point out picture and describe what you see.  Reading adds new vocabulary.bre-reading-aug-2013
  • Talk about what your child is doing as she plays.  “I see you filled the sack with shredded paper.  It is almost full.”
  • Talk about what you are doing. “I am rolling the socks that look the same. See, this one matches the other.”

It doesn’t take a PhD to build your baby’s brain.  Just your time!


*For those who like research, here’s the link to the study by B.Hart &  T. Risley that identified this 30 Million Words gap .

Also check out Dr. Dana Suskind’s book entitled 30 Million Words. 



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