Child’s Play

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On the Child’s Play page you will find information about the creative side of our little ones; the integration of learning through exploration and experimentation. Play is foundational to a child’s learning. In play, your child can sort, stack, classify, organize and reorganize his thinking.  Your child can create hypotheses about how and why something will work, and test his thinking.  Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM) are all woven together in the simple act of children’s play.

As your child narrates the play, to himself or others,  early literacy skills are burgeoning. Pretend play make take on complex characters, a story line, and rich emotional context and the child acts out familiar scenes.  You may evidence “magical thinking” as the child becomes a “firefighter/scuba diver/superhero daddy” all at once. This is truly the “work” of the young child.

And you thought your child was “just playing”!